New Dining Hall Fundraiser

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The current Dining Hall was built in 1946. In its time it has served as a dining hall, classroom, and game room for over 10,000 young people as they came to NWOCYC to learn more about God. Not bad for a 73 year old building.

It’s time for a new Dining Hall that can serve the next 10,000 young people. This New Dining Hall project will be completed in two phases and will change, for the better, our ability to minister to young people. This project will give NWOCYC not only a modern dining facility but will allow us to become a year-round camp. Here are the two phases of this project:

Phase 1 – A new 6000sqft dining hall will be built. This year-round facility will have central heat and air and will be able to accommodate dining for 200 people. There will also be areas for canteen and a game room.

Phase 2 – Two 1200sqft cabins will be built. These year-round cabins will be able to accommodate 20 people each, will have their own bathrooms, and air conditioning and heating.


In order to make these dreams a reality we need to raise $1,200,000.


This amount is totally achievable. We just need people who love the camp to partner with us in raising this money.

If 200 people can pledge to donate $6,000, we will have the money needed for this project. And the donation could be broken up however it fits within your financial ability. Here are some of the ways it could be broken down:

A one-time donation of $6000
$100 a month for 5 years
$50 a month for 10 years.

Everyone’s financial situation is different some can afford less, and some can afford more. We are asking that you prayerfully consider what you can donate and make that donation. Every dollar donated helps move us towards the goal of providing the best camp experience and facilities for young people as they grow in their faith.

Here are the ways you can donate:

  1. One-time Donations: Mail a check made payable to NWOCYC to 2905 Starr Ave. Oregon, OH 43616
  2. Monthly donations: Submit a pledge sheet by clicking here and mail checks to the address above.
  3. Donate online by clicking the donate button below (This can be a one-time or monthly donation)